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The mugical number bringing up economy/ Liberal Democratic Party of Japan's manifesto
It is shown that the number of economic growth declared in Liberal Democratic Party of Japan's manifesto was groundless.
They copied the groundless work of the government official of Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. They which cannot manage own policy has got rid of ability for government charge.

Copied number from J recovery plan

It is understand that the number of the manifesto was copied by J recovry pla if comparing this plan with a manifesto. In the manifesto, it is written that increasing 2,000,000 employment and economic effect from 40,000,000,000,000 yen to 60,000,000,000,000 yen within three years. The same number appears in a reclamation strategy in the new future. It is understand that I copied a number from here.

Groundless number

By the way, how would this number be calculated?
I will watch attached sheet 1 which a sentence estimating economic effect to be from J recovery plan.


attached sheet 1 METI's estimation

The strategic effect

The starategy and various effort show effects and the recovery of the world ecomy combined and,

・For three years from 2009 to 2011, it is produced demand for total around 40-60 trillion yen, around1.4 - 2 million employment.

・In 2020, real GDP increases by around 120 trillion yen.

it is expected that these come into view.(*)

(*)These many calculation is accompanied with various kinds of uncertainty.

Because these some calculation is accompanied with various kinds of uncertainty, It is necessary to understand with considerable width.

(translated by the writer)

This plan(PDF in Janapnese) has measures more than 100. It is nature is they add up each number.
However, the page that wrote a number of the economic effect is only this one piece. As can be seen, there is no ground*.
This is composition of the government official of METI*.
Similarly the number of economic effect copied in the manifesto is not well-grounded.
Of a fact, the manifesto(PDF in Japanese) is written nowhere.

No ability

Prime Minister Aso says that a politician should manage a government official, but the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan cannot manage own policy.*
The party would already lose ability for government charge.


no ground
It is self-applause that "the recovery of the world economy combined with " is written.
I estimate the recovery of the world economy how?
How much size of recovery of the world economy do you estimate?

The government official of METI
It is written as "METI's estimation"

cannot manage own policy
It was days that Aso ordered making this manufesto, He was attacked by anti-Aso group.
Therefore, it was a few aides to have been engaged in production. Then it would becomes the bog-up.

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We hope Obama's pilgrim tour - see revived Nagasaki
On August 9, one bomb destroyed Nagasaki.

before throwing

Before atomic bomb throwing

after throwing

After throwing down

What would happen to Nagasaki afterwards? Please see a satellite photo.

より大きな地図で Nagasaki を表示

It completely revives now.

view from port

The view from Nagasaki Port

front of staion

The Nagasaki station square

Nagasaki's revival finish when you pilgrim here, Mr.president.

Peace Statue photo by nekosuki600

We hope 400×80
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We hope Obama's pilgrim tour - Atomic bomb and Mazda and Puyopuyo san
Today is a memrial day of Hiroshima
There is Peace Memorial museum in Hisoshima. Today I introduce photographs exhibited in this site.
I choose thing make heart less weak.

Human Shadow Etched in Stone
The shadow was left on stone.
It was the left point became the shadow what sitting person shut out the heat ray.

Steel frame twisted by the extreme heat
A steel frame bent for the high heat of the fire after bombed.
More than 90% of the building of the city were destroyed by fire.

Cremating the dead
Dead persons by bombed is 130000-150000 people by the end of the year. As for 200,000 A-bomb victims, that's all.
12 captives who were the U.S. soldier in Hiroshima die together.

atomic dome
The A-Bomb Dome was left miraculously in the ruins.
A building in a radius of 2km from the center of an explosion was completely destroyed .
Only the A-Bomb Dome was left.

Such Hiroshima completely revived. It is a population of 1,160,000 people, the eleventh of the large city in Japanese.

Mazda's Head Quarters photo by Taisyo

There is Mazda's Head Quarters in Hiroshima. Do you know it?  Mazda links the partnership to Ford.
They make cars jointly.

Puyopuyo san was made in Hiroshima. It was 18year ago.
How is doing this compay now?
The company has bellied up by financial difficulties.

Japan now is a peaceful coutry.
It is when Amerca is reconciled with Hiroshima, is'nt it?

President Obama, everybody in Hiroshima wait for you.
I'm eagerly waiting for the day to come.

We hope 400×80
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Japan should increase friendly nations for the autarkic foreign policy and less American
The Japanese diplomacy to trail the scheme of the cold war period fell into a malfunction. The opinion called "No" is apt to fall into anti-America nonsensically in this scheme. If Japan becomes the go-between connecting the different countries have the different interests, Japan comes to be respected from the international community and it conforms American national interest.

Japanese diplomacy to follow pro-American position

The successive Japanese Government was bent to build the friendly relationship with America. In addition, Japan received much profit from there. For example, it is the liberation problem of the abductee. Because of bygone (Japan broke a promise with North Korea), and the point man with North Korea is shut. Alternatively, America. negotiates with North Korea. Six-Party Talks is held about the North Korean nuclear issue, and Japan / U.S.A. / China / Korea / Russia talks with North Korea. However, it is only U.S.A. to back up Japan for the problem of the abductee. (Other countries do not support North Korea, they are indifference)

The criticism to the principle of precedent falls into anti-Americanism

How will be it with such Japanese independence from America? The autarkic foreign policy is apt to be tied to anti-Americanism(*) for some reason. I arranged why is it.

Since Yoshida Shigeru (*), Japan made much of a friendly relationship with America.Of course it is not only this. Prime Minister Ohira advocated de-Yoshida diplomacy in the times and bult the Pacific rim concept. This leads to APEC. However, it is in vain in the Japanese diplomatic history. In the times when Japan needed support for rebuilding country what burnt by war, the friendly relationship with America. However, Japan fell into a malfunction while they followed a precedent. I explain this later. By the way, it is no wonder to object Japanese diplomacy in a rut. This object is No for U.S.A. In this structure, the independent diplomacy theory is apt to lead to an anti-Americarism and to ideology.

The precedent inheritance is unsuitable for the world change

By the way, let's explain why Yoshida diplomacy fell into a malfunction. The world situation changed. Japan may have friendship with U.S.A. as far as Japan was in the west world in the cold war era, As the leader western is America. However, in the post-Cold War multipolarized world, America became the one of the influential players.
The American unilateralism of the neo-conservative failed. It is understood that America cannot get along. Therefore it is worried in Japan that America passes Japan and make much of relations with China because of the birth of Obama's Administration.
America already is not the superior leader, makes much of relations with China because of the trade and national debt undertaking.

Japan loses negotiation power to very America even if Japan attached importance to America. It is reason why Japan is in trouble if aggravating relations. It is because Japan has no friendly nation. Japan should make friendship with the other countries to evade this. Japan can have the superiority by negotiations with America if having an alternate choice.

America is not important as in the past for Japan either. The American ratio to occupy for Japanese export drops in 1/3 following of the peak.


You can understand that half of the Japanese export is for Asia if you see the change of the export according to the area of trade statistics(PDF in Japanese). The choice for America is born. But China of the alliance autocracy is influential.

It is sure that America attaches importance to Japan. Obama's Administration establishes a multilateral approach. This is not a meaning to look down upon Japan(*).
America affects some countries for realization of the own national interest. And, in East Asia, the democracy government having the high strength is Japan. Therefore it is admitted that Japan is a trusted partner by America.

And, it is not realistic that Japan cuts the connection with America. America occupies more than 20% of the world GDP (Japan is about 8%). It must be the most important country in the world.

America or except America or other?

The conflict occurs here. These are choosing multilateralism and priority to relations with countries except America for Japanese national interest and choosing pro-U.S. policy and priority to relations with America for Japanese national interest.


I will break off this conflict. I thought that Japan linked the friendly relationship to the country except America. is help to make friendship with America

It is said to a person becoming a bridge connecting the different community is worth high in the study of acquaintances. I think relations with a country and the country is same, too. At first Japan make organization scheme solving problem among countries has a common interest with Japan . Even Japan makes on other interests. If Japan becomes the bridge connecting the different countries of the interest, Japan comes to be respected from the international community. And Japan can cooperate with America where establishes a multilateral approach. Japan should affect countries to be concerned with of the interest for America. Japan should behave as a bridgebuilder.

There are advantageous in that Japan builds schemes solving among countries.

* Japan can plan Japanese national interest through an international  action
* Japan can prevent Gaiatsu through an international action

If Japan and countries has a common interest move in cooperation, it comes to be serving own national interest. It is the same thing that Japan can prevent Gaiatsu.

It is not left whether the diplomatic discussion keeps friendship with America or cuts. Japan should take a way keeping pace with the changing times


Anti-americarists have lost power in Japan because peoples found they are shallow.

Yoshida Shigeru;

The Japanese prime minister(1946-1947 1948-1954), one of the Japanese great politicians. He built the frame of the Japanese politics after WWII.

look down upon Japan;
It was heard until Hillary Clinton denied a rumor.
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We hope Obama's pilgrim tour
We hope Obama's pilgrim tour

Let's write to Obama, let's invite him to Hiroshima and Nagasaki.The goal is the memorial service for all atomic bomb victims

It's a histrical event.

It's greate milestone fot breakingoff U.S.-Japan opposition, nuclear weapon extinction, and all alive atomic bomb victims and souls.

Please write a letter to President Obama. The letter which you write changes all!

The procedure is the follows;
It is appealing to President Obama for visit to Nagasaki, Hiroshima and a requiem to the victim through the website of the White House. The email form is prepared for in the website of the White House. Through this, please write to President Obama. .

We have a chance. The schedule is non-adjustment, but the plan what President Obama visits Japan in November of this year is made. Let's realize to visit to bombed places by all means at this opportunity. I ask your help


The white House


Could you please write to grant my two hopes ?
I would like to clear the air that American misunderstand that atom bomb museum is anti-U.S.A. institution. We Japanese understand that if we declaim against atomic bomd, we are declaimed aginst the beginning of the war. Therefore, The lesson of the atom bomb in Japan comes to not anti-Americarism but nuclear weapon extinction. It transforms to Save soul. I would like to clear this air.

One, using "pilgrim to Hiroshima and Nagasaki".

This is proper to welcome American president into the bombed places.

Two, using "save soul"

Please appeal saving souls of victims.

At last, please visit to Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Both cities has already revived.
I woud like for to talk to your friends what you see and hear.


Dear President

My name is Taiga. I'm from Japan.
When I watched your speech in Prague on TV, I was inspired. Today, I would like to talk it to you.
Becouse I am Japanese, I greatly know Hiroshima's people and Nagasaki's people.
Everyone will welcome you heartily. Now both cities had already revival but have any scars.
When I heard your speech, I fully understood what is it. Everyone in both city waits your visit.
If you are Japanese, it is simple as that, then your next action what everyone expects is a memory for atomic bomb victims.
A missing is a requiem by the American. Sir. president、please pilgrim to Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
What we Japanese expect is not apology but Save soul. 
I'm satisfied to talk my feeling to you. Thank you.



Thank you for reading this entry finished.
I prepare campaign banners. I'm glad for you to patch it on your site and bolg.

"We hope Obama's pilgrim tour"campaign banners

We hope 400×80

We hope 236×60

We hope 88×31

all banners pictured by Yukihime
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The eco-point does not promote energy saving
The eco-point born from a policy to switch into the energy saving life lapsed into consumption awakening.

Council on Economic and Fiscal Policy proposed the eco-point in J recovery plan(PDF in Japanese).This plan leads Japan to the economic growth at a span of ten years.This plan leads to spread three key items of the "energy-saving home appliance" "eco car" "energy saving house" and have the goal of aiming for switching a lifestyle to the low carbon life.

The fact is that the eco-point will be given most existing models of the object household electrical appliance. Even if there is a system, the degree of the energy-saving achievement does not turn not be it. The reason is because the consumers buy a new it. This point may raise business condition, but cannot switch the lifestyle. The household appliance industry was concerned with institutionalizing of eco-point from the first. It is budgetary handouts.

(Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry estimates if 30,000,000 sales of home appliance, the CO2 reduction effectis 4,000,000t. This is 4% of CO2 drained from the family. The number of the Japanese households of 2007 is about 51,000,000 households. The Japanese total discharge of 2007 years is 1,300,000,000t. It is the 15% reduction from 1,250,000,000t of 2005 in the middle aim)


The eco-point is the shopping point that Japanese government gives energy-saving home appliance.
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I have a good idea for winning next election!
The first person, the Democratic Party of Japan aiming at the first, the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan had distrust toward to the rule power, the other parties where ups and downs hang over. What do you do to rise in the next general election? I suggest it with consideration with this blog.

I think that now Democratic Party of Japan fits into the position of "the first person aiming at the first". It is taught in marketing, any things in the first position has advantage very much. If the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan is the government party, the Democratic Party of Japan arrives at the first person position of the opposition party which would like to come to power. It is seen so that they have force. On the other hand, there are some indication that peopels expect change of government is reason of the high approval rating of the Democratic Party of Japan. However, if it is only it, other opposition parties may be supported. I would like to point out that the Democratic Party of Japan succeeded in positioning in the marketing as well as peoples expecting change of government. The Democratic Party of Japan should take in heart that the height of the approval rating is becouse of not a support of a party policy idea but a product of the success in the marketing.

And a reason of high rating is supressig them internal trouble. On the election of the Democratic Party of Japan, becouse of phrases "fulll menber baseball" "frendship", Hatoyama winner, Okada loser and them supporters can unite one. This must be one of the reasons that made it possible that the Democratic Party of Japan is gathered up.

A problem of such Democratic Party of Jpa is proof of the rule power. They have contradiction. They must show that they have ability to hold the reins of government by proving the rule power. But there is no opportunity because they are opposition party. They make a counterproposal and show a difference against the ruling party. However, they cannot leave the main point of the ruling party because the ruling party plan is a base. What do you break off the contradiction? They should make the situation from oneself. They can draw a former Japanese figure for 20 years for ten years. They can make a strategy. This can be separated from the idea of the ruling party. Conservative and Unionist Party makes a message, too. They should do the same thing. The nation is interested in not the party leader but a policy idea. In addition, the half of the nation nominates a policy idea for a reason to choose a political party as in the public opinion poll of Japan association for public opnion reserch.

Brushing up strategic charm and feasibility, strategic quality raises. The quality of the achieved strategy becomes the charm seen by the nation. How long a strategy can help for people carrying it out is the strategic feasibility. Then what do you do to make a high quality strategy? It is not to be able to do it with one and two people. Besides it is not to be able to do it by the personal play of the chief Hatoyama. It depends on the capacity for organization of the Democratic Party of Japan. Therefore it is that representative Hatoyama gives an able politician an opportunity of the activity. Because it is proof of his power in command of a subordinate, it will be shown it is the leadership of the Hatoyama representative. The peopels eyes change if things go well.The nation will reevaluate him.

Next, What should the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan do for win? Peoples distrust toward the rule power of the Liberal Democratic Party becouse of straying of the three prime minister. It led to a feeling of discouragement to them, and expectation to the change of government sprouting among peoples.
I nominate two plans for wiping them distrust out, and to improve them approval rating. and to improve an approval rating. The first show the rule power by solving the problem that the country has. The second is that a party and the government are gathered up for the problem solving.

I do not write the way of straying of the government here. There were a benefit disturbance, a road source of revenue, the reorganization of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare in various ways.
It is caused by the lack of the political ability of Prime Minister Aso. Because Prime Minister Aso is from a small and weak faction, the political power may be weak.
Still, grandstand play is outstanding. You had better not do imitation of Former Prime Minister Koizumi forcibly. It is to have been able to do it because that collected the support of the nation.

Changing central character for netxt election cannot return the lost trust for the rule power. Stop nonconfidence to Prime Minister Aso.

I give such Prime Minister Aso advice. It is a basic style that the argument of Prime Minister Aso earns the point given up of the partner. It cannot collect the nation all together and to get support.
Let's draw the future of this countries. Persuasive power is distinguished in your situation. If there is an obstacle for realization, you need to go political ability. It is the obstacle that is got over if you are supported by the nation.

By the way, what will the other parties where ups and downs depend on do? (Do you understand that I brusquely hundle other parties beside Democratic Party of Japan and Liberal Democratic Party of Japan
) you had better to be good at anything and aim at the first there. It is the Communist Party of Japan to succeed by this technique. They collect support in a labor problem. Then I give it what to do advice to aim at the policy that the nation can solicit widely.

You build the win-win relation between among a tax payer and a consumer and the industry and remove win-lose relation.

The appeasement of the nation is expected now. In addition, as for the profit instruction to the specific industry, the nation has distrust. Win-win relation make it possible that you compile the budget that the tax payer is satisfied without a profit instruction, and you bring under control thatboth a consumer and the industry consent. And it can achieve an investigation of the GDP and building the society to sympathize at once. And the win-lose relations lose this win-win-related profit.

You plan improvement of the quality of the agreement

You had better to improve the quality of the agreement between the people concerned becouse of building the win-win relation.

Political power

You must pass the deliberation of the Diet to realize the policy. If you build the win-win relation of the voter group and raise the quality of the agreement, it helps you pass it. The reason why you satisfy as possible many parties intersted as much as possible is that you make it easy to go along the bill.

All parties do their best and. Because it is the times when the nation expects improvement of the quality of the politics now. You have a chance!


The approval rating the Democratic Party of Japan,
in the Kyodo News' public opinion poll of May 14, the approval rating of the Democratic Party of Japan exceeded 19 points of Liberal Democratic Party of Japan.

The election of the Democratic Party of Japan,

becouse the chief Ozawa's resignation, election were performed. The approval rating that fell in his scandal was restored dramatically.

Nonconfidence to Prime Minister Aso;
in the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan, movement to test his public mandate spreads.

The Communist Party of Japan to succeed;
for struggling problem of working poor, example irregular employment.
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What's doing before possesing nuclear weapons
Some of peoples in Japan argue possession of nuclear weapons as a diplomatic dispute solution.
However, the Japanese possession of nuclear weapons brings the competition of the nucleus in the East Asia and breaks the NPT system. On the other hand, possession of nuclear weapons does not become the trump for diplomatic dispute solution, and harms the strength of a nation in vain. For diplomatic dispute solution, it is to raise the quality of the agreement.

Possession of nuclear weapons is a bad move

Mr. Toshio Tamgami insists that Japan is safer if possesing nuclear weapons.

But the Japanese possession of nuclear weapons gives North Korea legitimacy of the possession of nuclear weapons. Though you may think it is North Korea to have held nuclear weapons earlier.
A similar example is south India. Opposeing to an Indian nuclear test of 1998, Pakistan made nuclear testing. Mr. Vajpayee the Indian prime minister (around that time) who ordered a nuclear test commented that there is the menace.He planned self-justification. North Korea will do the same thing, too. By this North Korean nuclear test, a nucleus possession argument happened in Korea. If Japan does possession of nuclear weapons, the confidence of success that Korea does possession of nuclear weapons of is high. Nucleus competition will be generated by Japanese possession of nuclear weapons as a start in East Asia. We must avoid this.

Next, a blow is given the NPT system . If Japan which is the only being nucleus bombed country, the country planning possession of nuclear weapons accepts legitimacy. It is Iran. Now, U.S.A. continues diplomatic effort for Iranian denuclearization. The effort of that purpose comes to naught. It is thought that an aim of the Iranian possession of nuclear weapons is to perform military aid in the Middle Eastern warlord without taking European and American pressure. Then the danger that a isturbance happens again in the Middle East rises. This is not good for Japan.

Next is American repulsion. U.S.A. wrestles for North Korea and Iranian denuclearization.
The Japaese nucleus possession gives these countries ostensible reason. U.S.A. will not think willingly. President Obama is a common sense person, but there will be some kind of protest and pressure if American national interest is lost. For example, it is that U.S.A. gives notice of reviewing the nuclear umbrella and missile defense (MD) umbrella offering to Japan. Japan does not have an early-warning satellite sensing the discharge of the ballistic missile. Japan shares information with U.S.A. Against the North Korean rocket of this year, Japanese aegis naval escort and Patriot PAC3 were deployed. These weapons do not function without the information from an early-warning satellite well, too.

The nuclear sharing does not bring nuclear deterrence

There is three unreasonableness in an opinion to do nuclear sharing of U.S.A. The new clear sharing is such a thing. For Japan and an American joint strategy, the Self-Defense Force acquires training of the nuclear attack from a time of peace. U.S.A. manages the nuclear weapon. The Self-Defense Force receives a nuclear weapon from U.S.A. if fought, and it is to perform nuclear attack. At first this conflicts with a right of collective self-defense. Next, it conflicts with NPT treaty.This treaty forbids the transfer of nuclear weapon. It become the violation of treaty at a point in time when a nuclear weapon was entrusted to the Self-Defense Force. When NPT treaty was concluded, the existence of the nuclear sharing was a secret. Finally nuclear sharing is not to get the nuclear deterrence. All the nuclear weapons which U.S.A. share of are tac-nuke. It is Russian armored forces that nuclear sharing of NATO assumes a hypothetical enemy. It is not a thing bringing the nuclear deterrence which a nuclear weapons possession debater insists.

A nuclear weapon is not a trump of negotiations with North Korea

Mr. Hideyo Kurata insists that it is fooled by North Korea because Japan does not have the nuclear weapons. However, U.S.A. with overwhelming nuclear weapons is made fun of in North Korea.
The North Korean dangerous negotiations game is unrelated whether the other country has nuclear weapons or not. If Japan with nuclear weapons is fooled by North Korea, what next do they?

The possession of nuclear weapons does not reduce the war expenditures

The claim the possession of nuclear weapons can compactify the Self-Defense Force, and become the expense saving is unreasonable. A ratio of the war expenditures to occupy in American GDP is 5.0 - 6.1% from 1950 when Korean War breaks out to 1987 when the Cold War terminates.It is outstanding to exceed 10% in 50-60 generations when cost oof Korean War and the Vietnam War and the U.S. and Russia nuclear weapons competition at most.When the Self-Defense Force holds a nuclear weapons, what kind of military unit may we reduce?  The opposition structure of the Cold War is left in the East Asia. I cannot expect the effect of the defense budget reduction.

The nuclear weapon is not the trump of the diplomatic dispute solution

Some of net workers insisit that if Japan holds nuclear weapons, we can solve the return of the four northern Islands and the Chinese menace. Russia having withdrawn before an American nuclear weapons only at the time of Cuban Missile crisis of the former Soviet Union times. It is hard that return negotiations advance profitably even if Japan has American ordinary nuclear deterrence. The recent Chinese strength has a big place by the growth of the economy. It is impossible to hold it down with nuclear weapons. The claim of the nuclear armament advocate is not reinforcement of the national defense power that prepared for nuclear threat but an outlet of the dissatisfaction to that a olitician cannot solve the diplomatic dispute that Japan holds. I may call so the possession of nuclear weapons a dangerous game.

North Korean issue restarts to 15year ago

The politician cannot go against the opinion of the electorate.Therefore if the public opinion demands hard-line policy, it is realized in the democratic government. If looking from a different viewpoint, it ties up the foreign policy that the government can do. It is the aim of negotiations to raise the quality of the agreement in a certain book. It was written that another book cannot ignore the feelings by the negotiations. We may solve the problem between Japan and North Korea unless we satisfy a Japanese face and satisfy a North Korean face, and raising the quality of both agreements.
It developed that North Korea demanded service as the nuclear power from U.S.A. The North Korean nuclear test was not a diplomacy card to U.S. It dose not yet understand how North Korea considers the viewpoint of the nuclear power. I can imagine it as many as one likes. They may want to strengthen the voice in the East Asia or make it the outstanding job of the successor and may want to delete having an established reputation. A road of the North Korean denuclearization will open out if we understand it.

Secretary of State Hilary says that an arms race gets up in northeast Asia if not taking the important and am effective step.The situation does not seem to improve for the better even if I depend on a nuclear weapon.


Mr. Toshio Tamgami
He is the former Air Self-defense Official top.
He was dismissed becouse he insisted on an opinion against government opinion.
He insists on a Japanese nuclear armament and the nuclear sharing
is one of options.

Mr. Hideyo Kurata
He is former self-defense official, Ministry of Foreign Affairs bureaucrat. He insists on a Japanese nuclear armament.

Return of the four northern Islands

It is a territorial problem between Japan and Russia. Because this problem is unsolved, Japan does not link the peace treaty to Russia.
The country where Japan does not link the peace treaty is Russia and North Korea.
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The pursuit of GDP and the happiness can go together
Mr.Kamiya gives two choices of an investigation of the GDP and the pursuit of the happiness this article(in japanese) by and insists on choosing the pursuit of the happiness. Will it be really this thing these are opposed?  I think that these are compatible. I drew a diagram of the opposition.


By this diagram, the pursuit of the happiness is opposed to pursuit of the GDP. I can prove these can be compatible if I can break off this opposition. I will do it at once.


This diagram has one premise. The pursuit of the GDP depends on win-lose relation. Therefore I will make pursuit of the GDP achieve by win-win relation. Then we understand that the pursuit of GDP can be compatible with pursuit of the happiness. The pursuit of GDP and the pursuit of the happiness are not things choosing either. We can go together both.
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The missing to produce next Koizumi and Obama
The representative election of the Democratic Party is held for the 16th because of representative Ozawa's resignation. With this blog, I would like to suggest a policy for the Democratic Party to produce excellent political leaders.

There are recent excellent political leaders, that Former Prime Minister Koizumi in Japan and President Obama in America. Though all two of them were fly-by-night candidates at the time of the run, it is common to have gained victory by a prominent speech. However, I would like to take the approach unlike the analysis of a speech skill.

It is countermeasures for assembly that a political leaders do first to path a bill.
Abe and Fukuda both of them work at Former Prime Minister  Koizumi with the Chief Cabinet Secretary, and Emanuel knowing everything about the person relations of the Federal Congress  is aide close to President Obama. The height of the popular will is effective for countermeasures for assembly. The member of the Diet cannot defy an electorate. It is to show the vision which can agree of the nation to collect the popular will. The vision of the Former Prime Minister  Koizumi was "Don't stop reform".  President Obama's was "We can change ".

The executive ability to realize his vision  is important, too. The Former Prime Minister Koizumi had brain, Takenaka promoted neoliberalism economy and could use Regulatory Reform and Competition Policy Initiative. The President Obama has brains across a political party described as the heavyweight.
In addition, I heard that many of policies of the President Obama depend on a think tank affiliated with Democratic Party.

It depends on the organization whether it can produce excellent political leaders. What do you do to raise capacity for organization? In the case of Japan, it is that a party gives a member of the Diet a place of the activity.
The election for this representative is not planned, and I cannot see the talented person who can recite his vision.
I hope that candidates  not only show his vision but also give a place of what kind of activity to members. It must enpower the Democratic Party.
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